September 29th, 2007

Shadowhunters: Alec

Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping

Today I went shopping and spent way too much money. I went to Reitmans and spent like $400 on clothes, I'm going to go with the excuse that it was a treat for me after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I also bought a new vacuum cleaner because my old one sucked or more accurately didn't suck enough. I went with my mom to buy it and she was all giddy, I  swear she's the only person who can get excited about buying cleaning supplies.

I also watched some interesting shows this week.

Heroes was really good even though I never watched the back half of season one so it was kind of confusing but I mostly understood it. Loved Hiro and his hero, that was frickin hilarious. I also loved the scene with HRG and his boss, man I wish I could say those things to my boss. I'm also loving Claire and West, I think I will be shipping them this season, and they both have powers, and of course the ending was awesome.

Private Practice was okay I guess, it could have been better. I think I might watch it anyway.

Grey's Anatomy was pretty good except for George/ Izzie, I just can't stand those two together. The scene with the deer was frickin hilarious.

The Bionic Women was pretty awesome. I never watched the original so I have nothing to base it on. Looks like it will be really good.

Eureka has been pretty awesome. It just started here in Canada so we are only on the third episode of season two. I was blown away by last week's episode but that was probably because David Nykl was in it. I say more Stargate people in Eureka. I think their were 3 so far this season.

I also can't wait for Stargate Atlantis on Monday, its been really hard not to read everybody's opinion on Adrift until I have seen it. Also Supernatural on Thursday, so yeah.

I almost forgot, I woke up to Snow, you heard right snow. It didn't stay but still.