January 6th, 2009

Shadowhunters: Alec

meme time.....

I feel better today, thankfully. I got some wonderful Christmas cards in the mail too. Thank you so much to sgangel(I'm really excited for Vancouver too, I can't wait) and starfoozle (and thanks so much for the wonderful CD-I listened to it at work )

I watched Vegas last night, yes again. I just love that episode. and Revelations Part One rocked my socks off :D Oh my god Watson and Jack the Ripper.

If your going to watch Stargate Universe( and I know some of you won't be) don't read the Brad Wright Interview at Joe M.'s blog. *facepalm* way to really alienate your fans Brad and I bet some of the people that were going to give Universe a chance aren't going to now. I bet his P.R person wasn't too happy about this. He posted something on Gateworld about the interview. "I meant no disrespect to fans in general, but it was clear from several of the questions that many of you have no respect for me. I thought I was just giving as good as I got." Way to be mature about it.

It might have helped if he answered his questions better, he either didn't answer them or gave one or two word answers.

Here's a meme

Write 25 random things about yourself then tag 5 people.

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