May 7th, 2010

Shadowhunters: Alec

The Big Damn Con Post

Vancouver 2010

I had an absolute blast with taj_mahal07 and lpff and bluesolis. It was an amazing time!

Lets see we also went to the gateworld party the first night and I couldn't hear a thing as my ears were in horrible shape. Some people that were there were Peter Kelamis, Dan Payne, Genevive Buechner, Bruce Wolyshn, Patrick Gilmore and Aleks Paunovic. Dan Payne was absolutely hilarious.

Instead of going to the Cabernet Cabaret we went to a play with David Nykl in it! It was absolutely amazing! It was called refuge of lies.

We walked from Canada Place to granville island, so pretty! Will post pics later

I got hooked on Starbucks!

We went to the gateworld dinner and lpff was really lucky and won replicator blocks and she was really really nice and gave each of us one!!!!! It really was a perfect end to a perfect vacation. Oh and how could I forget "Bitches love Dough" It was a line from a really crappy space movie called "Thralls" that we watched.
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