November 7th, 2010

Shadowhunters: Alec

I feel all ranty

 So some good stuff before the ranty stuff. I'm doing a rewatch of Supernatural, which is total love! You know its a good show when every single episode just gets better and better (that's called awesome writing and I love Kripke for it). It doesn't hurt that I get to see awesome actors on my tv like Ryan Robbins and Agam Darshi ( who I never caught before). 

Oh and Sanctuary is always love! that last episode was amazing! I'm very happy that it got a 20 episode season! These two shows are basically the only ones that I have to watch live, as in I have to be home when these shows are airing. 

Work Crap

Sometimes I hate working for the government, as in I wish they didn't pay me so much money, cause I'd move so fast if they weren't paying me so well. So basically I have a boss who's a total douche bag (I know not an uncommon thing), a fellow employee who sits on the computer doing nothing and is mean to her customers but according the boss is the best thing ever. (probably cause they both sit on the computer all day surfing the internet, I like to walk into my bosses office all the time and see how fast he can minimize all his windows.) 

So this other girl I work for is retiring which probably means I get her job when she leaves (which means a 3.00/hr. raise. Great I will never leave) & according to my boss I could probably do her job (which is only part time) and all of my jobs. UMMMM WTF ARE YOU SMOKING?? I do accounts payable/accounts receivable & run a rent subsidy program. He thinks taking the rent subsidy program away from me and hiring someone to help the incompetent person will be an awesome idea. Ummmmm, hello that rent subsidy is a small portion of my job. Maybe if you took away the Accounts Payable job too. Then he asks me, If I could sell my house and move to our other office where the incompetent person works? umm no, pretty sure you can't make me move out of my house, and If I move it won't be to another crappy town, I would move to the city away from you. UGHHHH! 

Fandom Wank (a.k.a Stargate) 

O.K. first off this is my opinion. I still love everyone for there differences. I love you if have never watched Stargate, I love you if you love Stargate Universe with a passion of a million burning suns, I love you if you despise Universe too , I love all of you. 

Seriously though. wow, Brad Wright is a little arrogant much? Telling the world that Atlantis fans are the reason for the new show's tanking ratings? Wow, I never knew a small percentage of a fanbase could do so much damage. Who would have thunk it? 

First off, just because a fan likes a particular show doesn't mean they will like all incarnations of it. Star Trek for example. I love Star Trek Voyager but it doesn't mean I love every Star Trek show, for example I kind of hate Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and I have mixed feeling about Enterprise, they kind of told the same stories over and over again and the only redeeming quality to me was the characters especially Tpol/Trip :D 

For me personally I loved Atlantis, I liked SG-1 and I'm neutral about Universe. Well I guess not neutral I gave it a good season to see what I thought about it and I don't know, I tried to watch the new season and I don't know it didn't keep my interest, and it kind of bored me and I had to turn the tv off. I liked the campy kind of humor that Atlantis had and SG-1 to a degree, its why I like Sanctuary and Eureka. I need a lot of humor with my scifi. I can't stand so much depressing stuff on my tv when my life is kind of filled with it, its why I never really got into Battlestar Galactica. 

I guess my point was, those comments by BW are kind of hurtful & mean.(just to be mean I think) Most of anyone I've talked to has tried to watch the new show and have tried to give it a shot but just couldn't get into it. I don't really think that's the fans fault, what do you think. That sounds like a writting issue. 

By all means though, watch the show live if you like/love it. 

I'm going back to happier times. I fell in love with an Atlantis fic that I can't put down :)  Sorry for the longness.