December 1st, 2010

Shadowhunters: Alec

things....... ( I suck at titles)

new userpic is moi :) 

okay so the next few weeks is crazy busy. My sister is coming up this weekend plus I have a crappy work thing I have to go to, next weekend my dad is coming up (its the first time I've seen him since my parents separated), and then my mom and nephews are coming up for Christmas. Oh and I'm supposed to go for coffee with a friend.

I managed to clean one of my rooms, lol I guess that's a start. I need to get the Christmas decorations up though, and do some baking.

I've been debating what to get autographed in April. I already have personalized autograph's from all the people going (except Chris) so I was thinking of either getting my Dog's Breakfast autographed (for Paul M) or my photo op and for Joe I was thinking of getting either my photo op or Mcshep sandwich pic autographed :)

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