December 4th, 2010

Shadowhunters: Alec

My life is full of Whatever...

- I have a work thing tonight. Should be okay. Dinner and a play. My sister was supposed to go with me. Apparently she would rather gamble. Whatever. My mom had to come up because her loser of a boyfriends dad has cancer. She saw me for two seconds and left. and again would rather go gambling than visit me. Oh and showed off her engagement ring when she's not even divorced from my dad. Whatever.

- I'm going to leave it at that cause I'm going to get all emotional. Stupid periods.

- Oh and thanks for the VGift casett  *hugs*

- I'll be glad when my dad visits next weekend though ! Yay for an actual visit and probably some Scifi watching ;)

- Oh and Sanctuary was freaking made of awesome last night! I'm loving this season :)