January 16th, 2011

Shadowhunters: Alec

10 things Meme

DAY 1: 10 things about you
1. I'm 28, I will be 29 on August 31st
2. I live in Peace River, Alberta, Canada land of snow and freaking cold weather :)
3. I have one younger sister named Michelle
4.I have 3 nephews Richard (9), Michael (5) and Logan (1)
5. My parents are in the middle of a divorce :(
6. My nephew Richard has Spina Bifida and Michael has Autism
7. The coldest I have seen is MINUS 52 C
8. I am five foot nine have blonde hair and blue eyes. well the hair is a little darker than it used to be but still mostly blonde.
9. I work for a housing foundation that provides low income housing for families and seniors. I do accounts payable, accounts receivable & run a subsidy program for the government of Alberta. I'm a busy little beaver.
10. I sometimes think of going back for my accounting designation. maybe cma, or cga.

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