June 26th, 2011

Shadowhunters: Alec

Feeling a little lethargic for some reason

Feeling a little lethargic/depressed for some reason. I blame my stupid hormones. hate being a girl sometimes.

+just got my hair cut, it was fabulous. I needed that, it felt great getting it colored and cut. it was long overdo. got some new shampoo too.

+joined another landcomm cause I clearly have no life. :) 

+re watching Voyager! yay :) tv, you need some more shows. I've run out of shows I can watch. thinking about watching teen wolf? is it any good? or maybe vampire diaries (kind of iffy on that one). oooh True Blood starts tonight!

+I should really clean my house, maybe later.

+ I was going to go to the lake tonight but its still to wet out, it has rained for the past week I swear.

I have no idea the point of this entry.  oh yeah, apparently my dad has a girl friend, not sure how I feel about this since he didn't tell me, I heard from my mom. I'm kind of glad he's moving on with someone else, I heard he's drinking more which isn't good though. he used to have a drinking problem a long time ago.