May 23rd, 2012

Shadowhunters: Alec

Am I the last to know everything?

Geez, apparently my step uncle had his leg amputated months ago cause he had Flesh Eating Disease? WTH, no one tells me anything.

Also, I hate being a woman.... I finally got my test results back. I still have my Cyst, over a year and counting. Apparently my stupid doctor isn't sending me to a specialist and according to her she doesn't think they should remove it cause I'll just get another one? WTH, so I should deal with my pain and period weirdness for ever? I think I'll go to a Gynecologist when I move to Edmonton.

I'm watching Scrubs and loving it! Thank goodness for Netflix :)

Hopefully on the first I get to find out which Apartment I get, yay!