September 23rd, 2012


Hot like Tamales

Sooo, I have a new phone (white this time) and a new number. If any one wants it and I'll be glad to share it. Otherwise anyone can contact me at the usual places.

Its hooot like a tamale here. Nearly October (wheee its almost Thanksgiving time) and I still have my air conditioner on. Very beautiful out and the leaves are starting to turn. Pretty.

My dad's girlfriend came over and we hemmed my curtains so they are all nice now. Yay!

Also, my sister apparently talked to my mom. She says she has no daughters now. Ughhh, I just don't even know anymore. My sister cause she told the judge at court that she feels that her ex husband should have some visitation rights on every other weekend. My mom hates him and of course he is the devil and should owe her thousands of dollars for raising his son. That's my mother for you. Me cause I hang out with my dad apparently. She thinks I should hate him.

Anywhoo, I changed my number and I texted everyone letting them know my new number and my mom didn't even contact me to ask if anything was up. I swear..... The only way she will even talk/visit is if I spend all my money and gamble with her. That's the only time she ever phones me, if she wants to go gambling or if she needs something.

Isn't family grande.