May 5th, 2013

Shadowhunters: Alec


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Its bloody hot. Its not even summer. Close to 30 which is mid 80's i guess.

I saw the cutest things on free comic book day. This guy was just getting off work and he was wearing a spiderman costume. This kid went up to him and said" SPIDERMAN, CAN I GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH!"

Pissed at my bank. They bounced two of my major payments that I make with money in my account for them. I just took out all of my money and just created another bank account. This is not the first thing.

I missed Calgary Expo but I'm hoping that they have good guests for Edmonton Expo.

My work is crazy. I work for pawn shops and apparently some one came in to pawn off a bag of dicks basically. LOL, and there response. So who's going to try these out. Plus there is half off at our stores for may the 4th if you dress up in star wars costumes..... Yep