August 23rd, 2013

SPN: Dean Lips

Nananana... Batfleck

Am I the only one excited for Ben Affleck as Batman, quite a shocker, he wasn't even on my radar but I'm excited.

I'm getting excited for Edmonton Expo, so far:

Garrett Wang ( from Star Trek Voyager)
Julian Richings (death from Supernatural)
Kris Holden Reid and Zoie Palmer (from Lost Girl)
Stephen Amell
Chad Coleman
Robert Englund
Joe Heder
Christopher LLoyd

Also I'm told I might get free tickets from my dad for birthday which is next weekend.

Also, My personal life is utter crap and my finances are a clusterfuck but my job is going amazing.

I got a raise at my job and my boss is going to push me to get my accounting degree and possibly my cga and my work will pay for all of my tuition!!!!!!