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18 May 2007 @ 10:37 pm
Sanctuary Webisode 1  

The first Webisode is up on youtube. I think a very good start to Sanctuary but it needs to be longer. Oh and the scene between David Hewlett and Kavan Smith was great.
Current Mood: naughtynaughty
Evenstar: FNLevenstar_1203 on May 19th, 2007 08:39 am (UTC)
Hehe, yes David and Kavan were so great :D
Wormholes only go one way: sam_chocolatetimeillusion on May 25th, 2007 04:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting this! I haven't been paying attention for a while, and I certainly would have missed the premiere. I went to their website, and really need the hoodie.

I totally love seeing Amanda Tapping in a new role. And David Hewlett, well, he's just great in everything. I agree it would be nice for it to be longer. But I love the look of it -- sort of x-filesish.
jennifer jensenjenniferjensen on May 25th, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)
Ooh, I just went to the site and saw the hoodies. I want one too, I just bought myself a vidoe ipod though, so I think I should wait awhile before I splurge again on internet shopping. Boredom + Internet + Credit Cards= Not Very Good for my bank account.