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I just posted these in justwrite . I wrote these a while ago during lunch hour and they are most likely full of mistakes and may or may not make any sense. I thought I would share these poems since I have never really written anything before and I thought they were a good try for a first time writer.


Happiness floating in the air just close enough to touch

Always their but just out of our grasp

Feelings of hurt and misery the catalyst that keeps us searching

Searching for the happiness that keeps us warm at night

Searching for the warmth of family

Searching for the love that brings us to our knees, that entwines our heart and soul so much so that all we can do is surrender to it.


Pain and misery in the world ensnares us

The kind of pain that weakens our very being

The kind of pain that shuts out all other feelings

That would otherwise ground us

In the bleakness of the day we cannot see the sun shining through


If only those who are surrounded by doubts could

See through the fog and embrace the sun

Embrace the water gently flowing around us

Embrace the wind wiping through our hair

Embrace the fire surrounding us, warming us to our very core

Embrace the earth crumbling beneath us

Only when we embrace the pain can we see the beauty


Only when we embrace each other as equals can we hear ourselves

Forget our doubts, fears and prejudices

Love like there is no tomorrow

Love each other’s differences and learn from them

Only when we love each other whole heartedly will each of us find salvation.

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