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SGA...Yay Day

Today was finally the day I got to watch Adrift. I'll put under a cut for those who haven't watched it yet.

Seriously, I am in love with season 4, I have never been that much on the edge of my seat watching an episode of Stargate, some highlights for me.(in no particular order)

Puddlejumper love, I say more mass puddlejumper formations

McKay flying the Puddlejumper solo

McKay cracking the jokes at being no good at asteroids

Scene with Ronan and Elizabeth, I just about cried

Scene with Keller and Sheppard and Sheppard is very close to tears over Elizabeth. Awww, that was so sad, I almost cried that time too

Rodney calling Sheppard, John. Everybody's been waiting for that moment for 4 years.

Rodney and John in confrontation and then Rodney apologizing

The whole RepliWeir story arc, I know she's not a replicator but obviously things are not going to go good for her

The ending, them having to go to the replicator home planet

Then of course the requisite to be continued, just when it was getting good. I watched it with my dad and we were both like aww crap, to be continued.

For the most part that was one hell of an episode, I can't wait for more.

So now its just Supernatural left to watch on Thursday but unfortunately I have to go to the city so I'll have to watch it when I get back on Monday. I'm going to get a root canal done and then we are having thanksgiving at my grandma's so I probably won't be back until Sunday or Monday.
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