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Okay, first things first. I realized that after I posted the poll it wasn't really clear on what type of community I wanted to start. I blame a) me being tired b) first time posting a poll and c) did I mention I was tired.
What I meant was not an icon community but an Atlantis Icontest Community. (ex. making icons) Oh boy, I felt like I did not communicate well on that poll. So kudos to you if you were telepathic and knew what I meant. *hands out cookies*

So, after the blonde moment and all I am pimping my new community. lantis_icontest is open for business. Sort of anyway, I still have some tweaking to do. So feel free to join, I thought it would be neat to do episodic icon challenges every week starting with Rising. I will probably post the first challenge some time tomorrow.

Also, I changed my header on my journal.
Tags: layouts, pimping

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