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This weather sucks out loud

Okay, so I walk to work this morning and its really freaking cold. I mean it feels like my legs have frost bite and I check the temperature, yep -20. That is freaking cold and its only the middle of November. At least they plowed the streets, yeah Canadians will forever bitch about the weather.

Oh, hugs to inanna_ishtar  . Thanks so much for the awesome Christmas card and I hope its warmer in Banff :D
I was in the drug store today and I was really tempted to buy these C.D's of Johnny Cash and speaking of Johnny Cash, spoiler for a certain episode of Stargate Atlantis that hasn't aired yet.

According to Joe M. Vegas which is bound to be awesome will have Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones and Marilyn Manson music in the episode. :D Awesome, I can't wait.

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