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Oh so cold....

No wonder I froze my butt off walking home. -20C or 0F. yes these are the days I wish I could stay in bed all day.  Mostly I'm posting to pimp my new icon, yay! for Merlin. Slowly working my way through it, on the 5th episode. Should be done by this weekend.

Oh and I almost squeeled out loud in the grocery store the other day, I found blue candy canes, you do not know  how hard they are to find up here. sucks to be not in a city :(

Anybody know is their a community for nominating Sanctuary icons, if not their should be. I found a Merlin one and I always post to the Stargate one.

Oh, I nearly cried at the What about us video by John Barrowman. Seriously. Has everyone seen the McShep vid to this song. If not, I will post the link immediately, made me cry too.

Oh and I need to clean out and orginize my pictures on my computer(hopefully with some colorful tags-should only take a few years), I already moved some of them to my portable hard drive. 60,000 pics. WTF!
Tags: sanctuary, stargate atlantis, weather

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