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New Header

New Header from heartofdance  and points to the beautiful icon that ireth_e made for me for Xmas. Beams at all the Sheppard goodness.

Two more days of work until I'm off for Christmas, yay! but I still need to wrap my presents. I swear I'll kick my ass in gear and do it tomorrow as well as lots of laundry.

I'm trying to stay inside if possible. When I woke up yesterday morning it was -36C and it warmed up to -30C. WTF, that is crazy. So early in the year too. Usually we get some nasty cold days in January or February, but we've had what seems like weeks of -30C/-40C already. Please fast forward to spring like now. I guess everybody's getting it though, Vancouver even got winter winter which is so bizarre although I hear Vegas got snow too. Weird.

Notes for me:

I got the ranking system down for the new comm. Everybody starts out at Airman and You can work your way up to General.

Ideas for the little banners that everybody will recieve upon recieving a rank. I thought maybe the stargate, not sure which one and maybe incorporate the symbol for each rank. I need to make these banners up so that I have them and all I have to do is add the username once they recieve a promotion.

I have gate_icontest under construction. The banner is up that was made by the wonderful casett 

I'm working on the profile page and I need to do a few intro posts before January. It's coming though. *sorry for the ramblings, I just need to write this down for me.

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