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Pimp, Pimp, Pimp

It's Pimping time. I did it, gate_icontest  is sort of up and running. I won't be posting any challenges until the new year but go and check it out. I would also like to pimp hewlett_daily  cause nobody can have too much of David :)

Tomorrow is the last day of work, yay! Also I think I need to go to bed cause my keyboard is sort of acting up, I must be using it too much! I have to pack tomorrow cause the day after I'm heading to mom's house for Christmas. Oh noes, that means for five days I will be in the land of Dial up. Yikes, I will try to go on a little bit but no promises. So I might not be around until Sunday.

I would also like spring now, pretty please! For the last few days its been a high of like -35C. At least were not getting snow like everybody else is, although watch the second it starts to warm up we will.

Also welcome to the new friends I picked up from the Stargate friending meme. If you have any questions, ask away. Just so you know these are the following Icontest Communities I run : gate_icontest , lantis_icontest  and oneill_icontest [Co- mod]

Tags: pimping, rl, weather, work

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