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David Hewlett has a little bit of a man crush on Michael Shanks. He's so dreamy.

That quote was from Martin Gero from the latest Stargate magazine, ROFL.

Before I head on the road I would like to thank tigerlylli and berlinghoff79 for the wonderful wonderful cards. Thanks so much OS for the wonderful bracelet, its so cute and thanks berlinghoff79 for the really adorable pic of John and Rodney :D :D

-"David is convinced that his last line is wrong, while Jason and Joe hug it up in a very manly way several times. "

-Jason moons the camera!

-David's story about RDA. "I was flying over from LA to work on the pilot, as was RDA. I had this big stack of pages with me, and I was trying to learn all this crap I had to say. Richard cleared his throat, pulled out these two flimsy pages of fax paper and put them down on his little airplane table. He scratched out one line, the next one he put a circle around, and then put the pages away again. He turned to me and said, all you have to do is get them wrong and they'll stop giving them to you."

-"Once Jewel and Rachel start laughing-forget it! they're the most unprofessional things available. but I guess they must get them for cheap or something." -David Hewlett

-" I think the relationship between Sheppard and McKay is great, and I'm going to miss that a lot." -Joe Flanigan

-"I have such a kissably large head. it can accomadate so many pairs of lips at one time."- Robert Picardo


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