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I made it through Christmas.....I think

I made it I'm back...hugs internet :D

So here's a low down of what happened.

-Well as some of you may know last year the bus lost my luggage, this year my sister drove with her new car which totally broke down. Oh noes. We were already at my mom's house but decided to go to the city and it totally broke down. Good thing my dad is like Macgyver or something like it. We phoned him and he came and said it needed some kind of pulley and he would drive it without the belt, he had to drive in the dark, with no heater on in -20C weather. I think we had to boost the car their every 10 km or so but we made it without getting a tow truck. My dad said he would have been able to make a new belt out of some nylons if we had them :)

-My dad's cousin owns the auto wrecker place so he was able to get some parts even though they were closed and he was able to make a new pulley out of some parts that they had since they didn't have the ones he needed. My dad is my hero :) p.s after that fiasco I also learned how to make a hot tatti(spelling is probably wrong here.)

-Other than that I had a blast seeing my nephews again and they are so cute I just want to smush them :) Michael wanted to play dress up I think. He had my sisters hat, gloves, shirt and 4 inch spike heels on. He was always putting on everyones shoes.

-I got Michael a Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet which he loved. He would go around wearing it but then he would go to everyone in the house and make them try it on. He would say: mamas turn, daddy's turn, aunties turn, Richard's turn. It was so adorable.

-For Christmas I got: A new camera, some bath stuff, some gorgeous ornaments, some angels(I collect them) and some other things I know I'm forgetting.

-I just got home and I have to go to work tomorrow, it sucks :( I have Thursday off but I have to go to work on Friday.

Here's some pics of the family and the scenery under the cut :

Michael and his cute little smirk :)


Michael enjoying his Diego toy and looks like some Chocolate.

Michael in his storm troopers helmet.

my sister Michelle

my sister spreading the Christmas joy :)

oh look its farm land....

and some trees...

and more trees...

and you guessed it, more trees.

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