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2009 Challenge List

I've never done one of these so here it goes.

0/15 Books

2/50 Movies
1.The Dark Night

29/350 TV Episodes
1.Sanctuary-"Revelations Part One"
2.Stargate Atlantis-"Vegas"
3.-19.- The Big Bang Theory- 1x01-1x17
20.BSG: The Farm 2x05
21.BSG: Home 2x06
22.BSG: Home(2) 2x07
23.BSG: Final Cut 2x08
24.BSG: Flight of  the Phoenix 2x09
25. BSG: Pegasus 2x10
26. The Big Bang Theory: The Friendship Algorithm 2x13
27. Supernatural: Family Remains 4x11
28. Grey's Anatomy: Sympathy for the Devil 5x12
29. Private Practice: Homeward Bound 2x12

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