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tigerlylli already posted this in her journal but I thought I would do it too, cause its an awesome site :D

Originally a Stargate Forum, Chevron One has now expanded with the cancellation of SGA. The Forum has grown to include sections for many other favorite currently running scifi shows including: Supernatural, Fringe, Heroes, Doctor Who & Torchwood, all things Joss Whedon, Lost, Eureka, Sanctuary and more. The forum is still mostly SG related (there's even an SGU section) but we are looking to grab more members who are fans of scifi beyond stargate to help make the new and improved Chevron One: A Sci-Fi Community the most fantastic scifi forum to be at on the net. Tired of the scifi or gateworld forums well Chevron One is the place to go! Its a friendly community with a great atmosphere. Spoilers are allowed but they do need to be contained in the designated spoiler areas or a spoiler tag. There are so many great things I can say, but you don't want to sit here forever reading that. Just hop and over and take a look for yourself, I promise you'll be coming back!


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