jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

I am back....

No, I didn't go anywhere, my artistic muse left me for someone else for a brief period and I finally have her back, thank god. My icons this week-ish have suckity, sucked, sucked. so much so that I was this close to be getting kicked of a LIMS. After trolling around for some tutorials I think I'm doing better, although that's up to interpretation. Better than I was anyway....

You know what's hilarious, klutzy sisters. Even klutzier than I am which is saying something. I mean I trip over my own two feet but my sister in a packed restaraunt went to grab her wallet, kind of flung it in the air and I guess didn't realize it was open and about ten bucks in change fell out. This is me ROFL at her :D

I DON'T KNOW.... just ignore this, I'm in a ramble-y mood right now, but I taught my boss the joys of mini nova today :D

Oh, I found this when I was cleaning, don't laugh it happens on occasion :D

Me when I was in kindergarten I think. I don't think I've really changed that much.


Tags: art, me, pics, rl

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