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Just a little update for now.......

I'm alive in Vancouver, the Con is almost over..... :( Just Amanda's panel to go today and that's it.

Just a few pics and observations for now. but do a full report later.

-Paul McGillion is seriously the sweetest person you will ever meet, in the phot ops he was just hugging everyone and putting their arm around them. He is such a sweety.

- David Nykl is amazing, He is the sweetest person in the world, we got to do our photo op on set with him in the Atlantis control room. He was such a sweety in line, he was talking to everyone. and I told him I'm from Alberta and he asked where abouts in Alberta, and I told him near Grande Prairie and than he gave me the sympathetic face cause the weather sucks up their and I told him yeah it was -52 this winter and he told me they really do have it easy in  Vancouver, what a lovely lovely man.

- Amanda is the sweetest person in the world, she is just bubbly and smiley all the time to everyone. In her photo op I got to hug her and she rubbed my back a couple of times, what a lovely person. Can't wait for her panel.

- Joe is very cute in person but he is just so tiny and small, it was pretty cute. people were yelling at him in the croud and he kept saying "don't yell at me" in his cute little voice. Although he got some of the crazy fan questions. I hat those people it ruins it for everyone.

oh and David did this skit where he asked people to come up from the audience who wrote fan fiction and he got them to act out some of his "fan fiction" ie. a trashy romance novel. it was hilarious.

Some interesting updates:

Their will be two gay characters in Universe
Richard Dean Anderson will be doing commentary for the remake of Children of the Gods
Carl Binder and Brad Wright will be writing the SG1 movie.

ummm,,,,, what else. Oh here's some pics to tide you over for a bit. Much more later.

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