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Vancouver Convention 2009 Part One

Part One- Just to warn you mine probably won't be as in depth as SA's will but I do have some fairly good pictures. Oh yeah and really not dial up friendly at all.

Day One

The plane ride was awesome; unfortunately there was a lot of cloud cover so I couldn’t see the view very well but when we were in the air one of the flight attendants proposed to his girlfriend. He got on the speakerphone and said that he wanted to share this with everyone, he told how they met forty thousand feet in the air and how he wanted to do this at the same place they met. He then got her to walk down the aisle and he sang to her and then proposed it was really sweet. Samantha than proceeded to find me in the airport, cause I have no sense of direction what so ever even when there are signs.

Than we got in line for convention tickets which took a couple of hours and found out that we had to wait in line again for the photo ops tickets. But that’s what the convention was all about, waiting in line.

Valerie Halverson

Valerie Halverson was on and talking about all the costumes on set. She was very interesting; she talked about all the people in her department who actually make the costumes. She talked about how she gets the scripts early and talks with the producers on what direction they want to go with the costume or the look of the show. She talked about making some of the leather costumes. Most of the costumes they take a basic product and sculpt it paint and texturize it to make it more interesting. One of the costumes for the “bad” guys was made out of hockey pads. Some costumes they “redress” to try and make it different for different shows they have. She mentioned that she wanted to redo the costumes for Atlantis in season 4 because she was new and she felt that all the characters had developed and she wanted to give each character a unique personalization to their character, for example David with the circuit board texture in his leather jacket. Sheppard was kept in his black bdu’s because Joe felt that he was the most “military” person on base and that should be reflected. Plus he looks pretty in black.
Valerie also mentioned that she likes bondage a lot(or at least it came up a few times) and that some of her costume pieces are made from unique materials that you might find at Canadian Tire that you wouldn’t think would work into a costume. She was asked when the characters were wearing civies if the actors would just wear the stuff they had from home and she said no because most of the time they need several pairs of the same outfit. She was also asked if actors will put input into the character outfit, in the case of Jason Momoa, he wanted to have this shark tooth as his necklace and he had two made, so she thought great! Only to find out that Jason Had put both on the same necklace so Valerie had to go out and try to make it.

Working Actors Panel

There was an acting panel, which were all on stage at the same time. They were Vancouver actors who have been in productions like Strargate and Battlestar Galactica. The actors were Fulvio Cecere, Kirby Morrow, Heather Doerkson, Jody Racicot, Michael Kopsa, and Patrick Currie. They were very sweet and Heather was very gorgeous and smiled a lot. A question was asked how the feel of each set was between Stargate and Battlestar. I think it was Fulvio who said that Stargate was very much like a family environment, it’s very easy to work on and everyone is like family. He said that on BSG everyone still has the humour but it’s more intense and its more one on one environment (to do with shooting scenes). Someone asked how you choose roles, do you take anything you can get or do you take certain roles. Most of the panel said unless you are really uncomfortable with what you are doing to take what you can get. Heather commented that especially as a woman, if they ask you to do uncomfortable roles don’t take it, don’t compromise your integrity. Kirby was very hilarious; he mentioned he did a role where he had to do this 2 minute scream.

Gary Jones

Gary Jones talked about Peter Deluise would always get him to get another take and ask him to do it as captain Kirk. He told the story about his first day working with Beau Bridges and how he was in a scene with him and peter was whispering to him to do the scene as Kirk and they go back and forth whispering to each other and he finally did it. He mentioned that Peter would keep rolling on set even though it would cost the production a million dollars. Gary was once in Austria I believe(his son was an exchange student there and they just got off the plane it was a really long ride and he gets a phone call like two seconds after he gets off the plane “ would you like to do a convention in Australia?” In the scene in “200” Gary has to change really fast, he thought they were going to lock off the camera, and would change and they would go but it turned out that he just had to change really fast.

Andee Frizell

Andee was hilarious, she is very tall, I think she said that she was 6 foot one. She talks about being in the makeup chair and how she had to loop all of her lines because of the prosthetic teeth that she had to wear. She mentioned that the most used product in Atlantis is KY Jelly I guess they put that on her face a lot. She mentioned that she has played every Wraith except for the wraith in the queen for obvious reasons. Teyla was impersonating that queen and Andee is a lot taller than her. She talked about how she likes to bring different subtle differences to each role and that her favourite wraith to play was the one in Allies with the fabulous fashion shoes although she was only allowed to wear those shoes for that scene and that was it. The queen in submergence she liked playing because she got to kill a bunch of people before she was killed off. In that episode she didn’t talk because she has been alone for so long plus why would you talk to your food? Would you talk with you banana. She told the story where she had to go underwater for submergence and she had to hold her breath but the makeup that she was wearing wanted her to float to the top of the water and there was a weight pulling her down as well. Her hair was also attached to her pants so she got this huge wedgie. She told this story before at other cons and theirs pictures of her bending over trying to pull this wedgie out and her friends sent her these pictures and she’s like dude, what are you doing. She talked about not being able to eat when she was in makeup she mostly had to eat through a straw. She told this hilarious story when she was doing a convention in Australia and there was this sign for a “traditional Chinese Massage” So she decided later to go and try to find this place. She was trying to get there and the path to this place kept getting longer and longer and seedier looking. She finally got to the place and she really couldn’t see anyone so this lady comes out not really clothed. She asked us if we knew those black bars that go across you when there are naked bits shown on tv, well her outfit was smaller than those. It didn’t help that the lady couldn’t speak a word of English and then she was trying to communicate with her verbally so she was trying to use these hand gestures and she didn’t think that they were going very good because this other lady came out wearing her other half of her outfit. So she slowly just started backing out of the building.

Star Hole

Gary Jones and Dean Haglund did the Starhole 1.5 and it was really hilarious. Dean was also just hanging around for the whole weekend, you would see him just hanging out and he was signing stuff a few days. They took people from the audience and they played Jack, Daniel, and Teal’c who was played by a short white guy. Sam Carter was played by Dean who was in a sports bra. It was pretty funny and I think the thing ended with Dean and Gary finishing the story one word at a time.

more to come....
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