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Vancouver Convention 2009 Part Two

I took some pictures of the prop room which was kind of interesting, and they had the costume for Rachel when she played the queen, man she is so tiny!

David Nykl

David Nykl was the sweetest guy ever, he’s also much better looking in real life. During his panel apparently David Hewlett was twittering him and told him Radek who? He then asked everyone to twitter back Rodney who? He mentioned going to LA to do the whole auditioning thing and he said that he has a few projects that he hasn’t heard back from yet and he couldn’t really talk about them. He mentioned that he wished that Radek and Rodney would have more scenes together near the end. He mentioned the most fun scenes ever doing the ones for Adrift in the space suits. He mentioned how ridiculous the new Syfy name was, why would you put a y in the middle of a word where it doesn’t belong, he then turned around and looked at his name. Lol. When I was getting my autograph David was a real sweet heart, I mentioned that I was from Alberta and he asked me were abouts in the province and I said near Grand Prairie and he gave me a sympathetic look and I said yeah it was -52 this winter and he asked how I could handle that and that they really have it lucky in Vancouver.

Dan Shea

Dan was very much off the walls like usual. Someone asked him if he was ever treated for ADHD which was pretty funny. He is apparently doing a role where he is a zombie who is submerged under water he has huge teeth on so he can’t fit the regulator for his mouth and he has to wear contacts where he can’t see out of, he kept mentioning it throughout his panel that he was going to die in a couple of weeks when he has to do this stunt. He also mentioned working on Psych where this character was doing this fire stunt and he asked the actor to wear a shirt that would cover his arms and of course he gets on the set and this actor has already done previous scenes with a muscle shirt on and he asked him what the hell? He commented, look at the guns! The stunt guy is set on fire and he was supposed to have this huge blanket for the fire but all he got was little cloth.

Connor Trinneer

Right before Connor came out I was getting autographs and Connor walked right by me, which got me excited. Connor talked a whole bunch about Star Trek as well as Stargate. He mentioned that because of the contacts he was supposed to be this bad guy but he has to have someone hold his arm to take him places because he can’t see out of the contacts. He mentioned that he thought that Michael had a thing for Teyla. He mentioned that when he was in Star Trek and was Pregnant (in the episode he wanted to do a scene where he just breaks down and cries uncontrollably. When the twins die in Star Trek his wife had just found out that she was pregnant so he broke down when they were filming the episode. He mentioned that he will be doing a few audio books. Connor talked about doing plays and how you really have to love doing it because most of the time you will only get paid about seven dollars per day.

Teryl Rothery

Teryl was so hilarious and tiny. She just had a baby 6 months ago and right now she’s enjoying her role as mother. She talked about the puff and ruffle. How at first she and Amanda were a new thing for the first year or so and all the guys used to flirt with them but then they became just one of the boys and whenever a new girl came on set they would do the puff and ruffle and flirt with the new girls. She talked about doing stage work. She talked about Chris Judge’s flatulence, how one time he was in a hazmat suit and he let one go and he just about lost it cause he had nowhere to escape.

The Cabaret
One word – Amazing. David’s was hilarious. First he commented that he couldn’t understand about Fanfiction so he asked for some volunteers who wrote fanfiction and then he got them to act out his fanfiction which turned out to be a trashy novel. OMG BEST EVER!!!!! Than Connor came out eating some potato chips, he said he was backstage and he looked up and there was a very low budget “show” on stage. He and Robert Picardo did a play that his friend wrote. Robert Picardo rocked the show. He showed a couple of video’s that he did. One he played Alphonso (kind of a male gigolo) who thinks he and his penis is god’s gift to woman, it was hilarious. He then played a short video that he did about conventions where he was signing autographs and one person wanted him to sign his shirt, and it just escalated from their from wearing the wig he wore in a horror movie, than someone wanted to shoot him and then the last person asked for him to shoot his handler. This is when everyone started clapping Robert ended it with some amazing songs that he sung live, what an amazing voice!
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