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Vancouver Convention 2009 Part Three

Paul Mcgillion
Paul was a sweet heart. He even gave away some autographed sides from the show. He talked about doing the Star Trek film and even though he would have liked to play scotty he was fortunate enough to be given a different role in the movie. He talked about getting a prank pulled on him by Joe Flanigan. They had to carry a body in one episode in a stretcher so Joe kept putting heavy rocks in his backpack and he never caught on because he thought he was just getting tired. He was very adorable with his Photo ops he grabbed everyone and hugged them. IT was actually pretty hilarious I showed my photo op to my mom's friends and she asked if that was my fiancee

For some reason I don't remember too much of the panel, just that he was a real sweet heart. Oh yeah, he told the story of when he got the gig on Stargate and his parents kept on thinking he was going to be in Star Trek and then when he got a part on the Star Trek movie his parents thought it was a Stargate movie.

Robert Picardo

He talked about a few movies that he’s been in, one in which he plays kind of a serial killer type person and he doesn’t know when that will be coming out but he hopes that it's soon. He talked about a scene where Woolsey is relaxing on Atlantis and he’s in a suit, apparently that was his idea. He talked about when he was in China Beach he had to wear a wig and there was one scene where he had to be under a helicopter, that was pretty hilarious. He mentioned Star Trek a lot and he auctioned off a signed photo of all the cast in the "bathtub" photo shoot for charity.(the photo shoot where their all surrounded by water) I think it went for $500.

Joe Flanigan

When he first came out on stage I never realized how small and tiny he was. I guess he’s a little bit taller than me but he’s just so tiny he must weigh like 130 pounds. I mean my dad is six feet tall and he’s very thin boned and doesn’t have a bit of fat on him and he’s way heavier than Joe is.

Joe talked about making bike tracks in his backyard and said that he’s ruined a couple of tractors. He also mentioned that he's going to be making and selling honey, I think it was called Malibu Ocean Honey.

Someone mentioned that they loved Sheppard in Vegas and he said yeah that’s Sheppard post season five. He mentioned that he missed Jason and than he quickly added, no I don’t I just had dinner with him yesterday. He mentioned that Rachel was just over and said that her kid is very much in to trouble. He said he has three boys and her little one runs around a lot and picks up heavy objects.

He was asked if he would be in anything of David's and he said absolutely, and that when they had lunch they discussed a few things. He also mentioned that he wasn't sure why David didn't ask him to be in A Dog's Breakfast and that he would have missed his family too much and he would have had to be all by himself in the winter.

It was very cute some people were yelling in the crowd and he said in his cute little voice who am I looking at, quit yelling at me. He was asked the question about the Atlantis movie and he’s said that he hasn’t been approached about it yet and that he assumed that they would have done a season of Atlantis with Universe before they canceled Atlantis and he went up to the producers and he was kind of told uhhh, I don’t know. He than told David that something was going on. Someone asked him who would win in a fight him or Teyla and he said that if he had a gun close by that maybe he would win. He mentioned that Paul got him back by wrestling him but he technically didn’t win and then Paul showed up in the room shaking his head, everybody started screaming their heads off and Joe again said in his cute little voice, quit yelling at me. Joe also mentioned that he would like to do a blog on Gateworld, which I think would be pretty interesting since he’s a pretty outspoken person.

Everyone’s autograph was all at once, Paul, Robert, Joe, Michael and Amanda. I noticed right away that Amanda is just so bubbly and happy and just a wonderful person.

The dessert party was kind of crappy . Robert and Paul were there but they were only aloud to stay 90 seconds at each table.

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