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Vancouver Convention Part Four

Brad Wright and Rob Cooper

Brad mentioned that the SG1 movie has been green lit and will include Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c and that they are still very much interested in making the Atlantis move since the sets are still their which takes a lot of money to keep but the economy is not doing so well and I think they have to wait for that. They mentioned that the SG1 movie will be written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder. On the Universe front they mentioned that there will be a couple of gay characters and that the first aliens that they meet will be very alien and will not speak English. They mentioned that they wanted the look of Universe to look different so they looked a lot at Firefly and they mentioned that the Stargate humour will still be present in the new show.

Michael Shanks
Michael talked about Burn Notice a lot which I guess I need to watch now because I wasn’t really following all the questions. I guess where Burn Notice is filmed (in Florida) it’s a mandate to have a certain percentage of the scenes shot outside which is kind of cool. He asked how many people hadn’t watched Megasnake and I was one of the people who put up their hands and he said good for us, as for the other people, what the hell were they thinking? LOL I guess it was a really bad movie. We don’t get all the crappy SCI FI movies in Canada. Someone went to their first hockey game and gave Michael a Hockey Puck Hat and a foam finger. That was hilarious. Hmm... I don’t remember much of anything else, too busy looking at the pretty man.

Amanda Tapping

I love this woman!!!! She is just so funny and bubbly and smiley to everyone! When I was getting my photo op she gave me a little hug, asked me how I was doing and gave me a little back rub afterwards. What a sweet heart. She mentioned Jack/Sam a lot! She wants them to have lots of sex! She also said, even if you aren’t a Sam/Jack shipper you want them to do it already just to get it over with. She will be directing an episode of Sanctuary this season (I think she said the 6th one). She said the great thing about being a producer is that she can cast someone like Robin Dunne. I think she mentioned something like “him, bring him to my trailer.” LOL She mentioned that she has her husband read lines back to her but they all end up sounding like an FBI guy She mentioned that she’s in love with Chris Heyerdahl so whenever she gets this lovey dovey look in her face Martin Wood has to tell her remember he’s killed all those women! Chris would have to remind her as well She mentioned that Sanctuary in season 2 will have more humour in it. I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch but I just remember Amanda being such an Amazing person.

and now some photo ops but I won't get Amanda's for a while, they have to mail it to me but I'll post it when I get it.

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