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Pics of the Family

Some pictures of the family......

my nephew Richard

at my grandma's house. me(in the purple), my cousin Andrew, my aunt Judy, my cousin Sam, my uncle Bruce, My grandma Lu, My dad, and on the bottom row my cousin Tony and my sister.

my nephew Michael

my cousin Sam(my very tall cousin, he's 6'5 and 17 years old), my cousin Andrew and my grandma

A couple of birds in the bird bath and I think this was before the "hoe down", where we took care of all those weeds back there.

random pic on the way back home.

I still can't believe 20 people fit in my grandma's house.

Okay and watching commentary for Tracker and there's a sign in the beginning of the episode that says Cock and Two Balls(dirty mind lol) Also they wanted to make Mckay from Alberta so they chose a town that was close to Edmonton. I see a problem in your logic. Fort McMurray is no where near Edmonton, in the same province but its like 8 hours away.

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