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If you want to read a really horrible badfic story read this one :D  It was done for gateland for the bad fic challenge. There was some amazingly bad stories, that I just loved.

The prophecy of John Sheppard
PG-13 -ish

Well it started as a perfectly normal mission, well as normal as one could get when one is exploring another galaxy. Mckay was bickering about something or other, Ronon was petting his huge sword, and Teyla was as stoic as ever.

They had finally stumbled on some sort of civilazation, that for some unkown reason had kneeled down to him as soon as their creepy eyes had spotted him. They all seemed to be staring at his hair, what did he have twigs in it or something? Where's a mirror when you need one.

Apparently, the native people of this planet had prophesized a saviour who according to the legend would come through the ancesteral ring and he would "have dark thick hair that had a life of its own." What the Hell? what kind of prophecy was this?

After Sheppard had assured these people that he was no prophecy, which was hard what with his so called "team mates" laughing there asses off. All of a sudden McKay and him were forced into the ceremonial caves while Teyla and Ronon tried to establish some sort of alliance.

Apparently the chosen one was to bear an offspring that was known as the all powerful one. "uhh...wait, bear offspring? I don't think I have the hips for that. Not to mention other things." Mckay of course was just smirking at him, the bastard.

Then the other bastards, grabbed him and McKay's hand and hooked them up to some alien doohickey. With a poke, and not a good poke by the way he was apparently knocked up with McKay's kid!

Then they dragged everyone off to the Stargate to say there good-bye's and that's when this "thing" he was carrying decided it wanted him to throw up on these people. Oh crap, it looked like he just ended up with McKay by his side for the next twenty years.
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