jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

Getting back into the groove!

-I'm finally getting back into the groove of things. I had h1n1 and I'm glad I'm back on my feet although I did get a week off work!

-Supernatural and Sanctuary have been amazing! I love those shows, I've also been getting into NCIS, I love it! and CSI NY and I loved the first episode of V!

- If you haven't already, please post a comment on my christmas card post, I have like 3 boxes of christmas cards and I want to sends lots out!

-I've been trying to lose weight and so far I've lost 9 pounds, plus I got a new bra ( I think everyone needs a proper bra that fits right) I have 42 DD's so those puppies need to be strapped down :D

Ummm, I think that's it, and its past my bed time soo..... Oh I'm loving the sookie stackhouse books. I'm on All together Dead right now :)

Tags: rl, sanctuary, supernatural, weightloss

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