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The Big Damn Con Post

Vancouver 2010

I had an absolute blast with taj_mahal07 and lpff and bluesolis. It was an amazing time!

Lets see we also went to the gateworld party the first night and I couldn't hear a thing as my ears were in horrible shape. Some people that were there were Peter Kelamis, Dan Payne, Genevive Buechner, Bruce Wolyshn, Patrick Gilmore and Aleks Paunovic. Dan Payne was absolutely hilarious.

Instead of going to the Cabernet Cabaret we went to a play with David Nykl in it! It was absolutely amazing! It was called refuge of lies.

We walked from Canada Place to granville island, so pretty! Will post pics later

I got hooked on Starbucks!

We went to the gateworld dinner and lpff was really lucky and won replicator blocks and she was really really nice and gave each of us one!!!!! It really was a perfect end to a perfect vacation. Oh and how could I forget "Bitches love Dough" It was a line from a really crappy space movie called "Thralls" that we watched.

Steve Bacic

Steve was very yummy!
- He's going to be doing an episode of NCIS LA and he doesn't even die :)
-He was fascinated by UFO’s, thought he saw one when he was 18…..*then added with a grin*… “I was also experimenting then.”
I felt kind of sad for Steve's panel as there wasn't many people there, I think Michael Shanks photo ops were going on.

Chris Heyerdahl

-On how Twilight has changed him “I love 12 year old girls, I’m a creepy old guy. Over 12,000 years I’ve eaten many children!” *wicked grin*
-On if John Druitt will be back: Yes, as far as he’s been told. “99% certain he’s coming back.”
He is looking forward to be back in the “freaky psychedelic pleasure dome.”
-Some discussion about safety protocols in place for ‘torture scenes’ (in Supernatural). Alistair’s ‘safety’ word was “more.”
-At one point Chris points to the picture of David Hewlett on the con poster and says “he looks constipated.”
-Talked about how long the make up process was, I think around 3-4 hours for both Sanctuary and Atlantis.
-If he was nice to his make up artist he would get a beer at the end of the night
-He had worked till 2:30 in the morning but he missed the last con so he wanted to be here.
-He doesn't have a car, he bikes everywhere.
-Jared Padelicki was upset that he didn't get the role of Conon, the've actually had to hide on camera how much muscle weight he's gained.

David Hewlett/Joe Flanigan

Man, its hard to explain this panel. They were just bouncing jokes off each other. They were an absolute riot, and I would love for them to do a project together(or even stand up comedy). I have never seen two people have more chemistry together. It was nice to see it in person.

-Started with what his son asked him that morning, “What is Daddy going to do today.” He told him that he was going to talk to a bunch of nerds.
-He was wearing a t shirt with helicopters on it and he wore it cause his son loves helicopters.
-For the first few minutes people were shouting out to David the pros and cons(mostly cons) of some type of hard drive and he thought it was great, it was like the apple store. He was getting tech advice.
-At one point he was leaning on the curtain, until he realized that it wasn't a solid wall there and he would have fell off the stage :)
-Somebody was trying to tell him that there was a difference between Nerd, Geek or Dork and that they had a chart and he replied back that if you have a chart you are all three :)
Here's the chart in question

-Joe Flanigan was “wasted in the beer scene.”
- As an actor and Director how do you approach each role: “With a lot of screaming!”
As an actor, just keeping it together
As a director, “making things fall apart!”
As a self confessed “nerd, geek, dork” he enjoys the fact that Directing is problem solving. Acting is only one aspect of the whole process, likes editing and marketing and seeing things through to the end. He wondered at how tiny the actors’ part was in the whole process.

-He gave us an update on how Mars the dog was. “Mars is now huge, a balloon with legs, a sofa with legs and horrible breath!”
-He is chuckling mockingly……. “Highest rated show, 4.5 million..” (as Joe had said this about his guest role on Warehouse 13 and David mocked him about it the whole way through, he kept saying "Highest rated sow ever...In the history of the world")

-In ‘Search and Rescue’, what was it like filming being pinned under all that rubble?
" He said it was a strange episode, sitting there in that rubble. It was also sadly memorable as his phone started vibrating in his pocket as he sat under all that rubble and it was his mother calling to say that his father had died. “Thanks for bringing that up” He did say this in a joking manner, but of course it has this sad event attached to it now.
He added that he preferred the question about the bug! "

-David kept trying to interrupt him whilst he was answering questions and he shouted out… “I’m going to talk louder than David now!”
These antics got him talking about how they tended to goof off too much and got told off by the producers. They kept distracting the guest stars. Joe said it was one of the ways to survive long days.
There was always stuff happening before the takes, then “action” is called and everyone had to act serious after all the silly things going on before a serious scene. They did get into trouble a lot.

-Joe talked about Jason’s audition for the part of Ronon. How he turned up in a tattered Hawaiian Sanitation dept shirt and claimed he looked like he did because he was almost killed in a gas explosion as he’d left his stove on.
Jason really had a presence when he read the “My people, they suffer” line. Impressed Joe and Brad with that.

-When you first met each other, what was your first impression?
 David on Joe: “If this guy gets to craft services first I’ll f***ing kill him!”
Joe said that David was cast late and he really wasn’t sure what the show was going to be like, he was really hoping for some good humour…. “then David Hewlett was cast.”

-Joe was originally going to do the evil snow monkey movie with David in Bulgaria but thought it was too cold. David replied that he would keep Joe warm :D

-Joe thought it would have been cool to hang with David and Jason but they would have just been tired and said lets go to bed. David replied another con moment, Conan and the evil snow monkey went home together :)

-David on Joe's show Thoughtcrimes. "I love it. It was my favorite part. Not that I've watched it........I've seen everything you've been in will you sign my jeans. (as David kind of thrusts his crotch out and Joe starts laughing)

-The crazy guy came up and asked a question ( this guy asked for Joe to grunt for him last year), he said he had a personal question for him. and David kind of cut him off and told him he was already married. :) Go David.

-I'm sure I'm missing stuff from this panel they were just zinging one liners back and forth at each other.

John Smith

-He told us that he was no longer involved with SGU as he is retiring, but is still committed to doing movies.
-Asked  How will you leaving affect the continuity of SGU?
He said the show is in very good hands with John Lenic.
He added that he does miss doing the show, over half his career has been with Stargate. Added that his wife Lynn is still doing the location tours.
-He was asked about his background of working with boats.
His dad owned a marina and salvage business in Gibsons, BC.
He began building barges in the 1970’s and started by doing commercials and the odd movie. He specialized in stunt work with boats and began building boats specifically for the movie industry.
He was involved in the CBC TV series ‘The Beachcombers.’

-He also spoke about how he liked to employ people who had good tempers and didn’t shout at people, he doesn’t like that. There were some directors that wouldn’t work on Stargate, he needed certainty, not erratic people.

-He went on to talk about Sanctuary and how that started out.
Started with 15 minute webisodes and used the SG-1 sound stages, only some of the crew used were paid, others did it for free.

-It all helped that there was a good talent pool of special effects people in Vancouver, and “being crazy” helped!

-He mentioned that the Atlantis set nearly burnt down in the first year! Added that it was a good thing that MGM allowed them to keep the sets standing for as long as they did, they didn’t even charge rent for them for the last two years.

-As far at the movies were concerned it is all about MGM’s financial situation at the moment. He said that he was getting an update on the 19th April when he was going to speak to them. As far as he knows, “it’s going to happen.”

Rachel Lutrell

-Rachel is currently recording a cd and she sang for us and she was so amazing!

-On one occasion doing a fight sequence with Jason. Practiced it 3 or 4 times and then on the last take she landed a punch in Jason’s eye. He ended up with a black eye!
“He was such a baby about it!” She brought him flowers the next day!

-She was the butt of many jokes, as the ‘woman’ she said she was an easy pick for the men, many times she said “she wanted to kick their ass!” Instead she gave them the ‘eye’ as a warning not to do anything.

-She was asked about the ‘romantic tension between John and Teyla’ did she ever create a back story.
 “I had a binder of interesting back stories!” She said with a wink.

-She really enjoyed working with him, he was also a dad so he was able to sympathise with her situation of being a new mother. She said emotion was easy for him as being a parent is so intense. Connor is going to be in her new project.

-She said David was like a big brother, “emotional, angry, but he was really approachable.” *said with a smile*
Jason called her his ‘Big Sis.”, adding…. “He has a huge heart.” He’s a good friend of hers. Joe – “very sincere, shy and a little aloof, would really help you out.” He tended to be reserved.
She added that they were “a big dysfunctional family!”
All of them were so different but they all enjoyed each others’ company.

-She would have like to explore the relationship between Teyla and Ronon more. Explore more of their culture and place in the Pegasus galaxy. Have a look at life in the Pegasus galaxy from their point of view. She felt there was potential for exploring some vast differences in points of reference from the people of Earth.
Would have liked to see where she could have gone with Teyla’s child, exploring his gifts, how he was going to turn out.

-At this point Dan Shea came up to the mike to ask her a question.
 Who is better looking Lloyd Bateman (Rachel’s stuntman husband) or Bam Bam?
Rachel laughed and gave him a “what do you think?” look.

-Dan Shea continued…. “I felt trepidation when you mentioned getting pregnant and then said “well, it has been a good ride.”
Rachel theatrically cries out for security to remove Dan at this point.
He jokingly presses her further to answer his question…. “What did you mean by that?”

-She calls everyone at least every 2 months. She is still in contact with David and Jane, Torri and Connor who live in LA. They meet up at times.

-Her little boy came up on stage with her (her blonde haired blue eyed boy) and he kept holding the microphone for her and tried to button her shirt up all the way. She remarked it just went from PG-13 to G.

-Someone asked where her husband was sitting and she joked at her feet where he belongs :)

-She just moved from Vancouver to L.A.

Rachel was really amazing, really outgoing, and if someone didn't have a question she would tell stories.

SGU Panel

-Elyse was asked what it was like posing for ‘Maxim’ magazine.
She didn’t feel up to it, not something she wants to do as “a lot of photoshop.” Brian pipes up at this point shouting “Look at what Mummy used to do!”

-For Mark – what was it like doing ‘Vegas’?
 He was astounded and pleased that someone noticed his part in that episode. He enjoyed playing the motel guest dying of radiation sickness next door to the Wraith.

-If you have time to watch TV, which show do you like watching?
 Elyse – True Blood, Madmen.
David – watches everything! Lost (which he watched in 2 months!), Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville. Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Mark – 2 and Half Men, Sanctuary, Flashpoint. Cooking shows (said he ran a kitchen as a student! Only 17 and he was in charge of a kitchen!)

-David, what is your favourite video game?
 Fable, Final Fantasy, Chrono?, Halo – he was obsessed with this for years.
Both he and Brian play X-Box live. (Brian got really excited about playing X Box live and gave out his name on it which I forget, he really wanted to play with other people!)

Q. When using the ‘stones’ which character’s body would you like to be in?
 Brian – A Furling.
David – Daniel Jackson
Elyse – Sam Carter
Mark – wanted to say “Sam as well!” He said he and Amanda went to university together. He said … “I would like to be beautiful.” He was then asked if he would pee

Q. What pranks have people played on each other, if any?
 Louis put a fake ‘camera’ in Robert’s trailer, he found the wire and was totally shocked by it and went around trying to find out how something like this happened.
Louis is the “big kid” of the cast, a great impressionist. He and Jamal are so different to their characters.

When they were filming ‘Space’ Louis and Jamal were having real problems trying not to laugh. Louis wanted to do a really intense screaming fit playing the alien who was inside his body, but Jamil kept laughing.
Brian said that the more of the SGU cast they have together doing a scene, the longer it takes as they just can’t help laughing so much.

He says Robert Carlyle is great to work with, a great sense of humour. He said that Robert said that this was the biggest thing he’s worked on since Bond!

Everyone has an impression of Robert Carlyle, they love his accent. Brian gave a hilarious impression of Robert doing the alien transmitter next to his heart scene in ‘Space’.

-Finished off by telling us that Robert Carlyle will be directing an episode in season two, and they will really be “pushing the envelope” with the second season.

Michael Shanks

-When someone asked a difficult question he would ask the question "so how many people like SGU" and would do a stirring the pot motion. Hasn't actually watched SGU

-Although, he was kind of outraged that SGU got to do sex scenes and they didn't

-Will be reprising his role as Hawkman in the season finale of Smallville.

-demonstrated the puff and ruffle

-He talked about when he was at Dragon Con and someone was explaining to him what furries were.

Colin Cunningham

-Was a total hoot, he played this instrument randomly down the halls (its made out of bathroom pipes)

-You could find Colin randomly walking the halls and I think his goal was to get his picture with every single person at the convention. He was only contracted to be there for the one day but he stayed for the whole thing. He crashed the dessert party and he was the gateworld party and we got our pic taken with him.

-Talked about being really depressed at Christmas cause his girlfriend had just dumped him and he was at the bar and he was on three different t.v's on three different television shows.

Peter Williams

-Has just auditioned for a role on Sanctuary

-Has mostly been relaxing on a beach in the Carribean

William B.Davis

-Teaches acting and one of his best students was Lucy Lawless.

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