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Drive by posting - A few highlights from the Sanctuary Convention

A few highlights for me:

-Ryan Robbins coming over when I was getting my photo taken with Amanda and taking a picture of us!
-Ryan Robbins singing
-Robin Dropping his pants in the photo/Auto Room
-Chris getting a measuring tape for said dropping of pants
-Meeting my fellow fan girls
-A fellow fan carrying Chris for his photo op
-Martin Wood naked under a quilt
-Chris tonguing Tesla's knife
-Seeing an extended version of season 3 clips! Amazing is all I have to say!
-Finding out that we will see the five again (and maybe even six)
-Someone that worked on Avatar will be working on the visual effects for season three!
-Chris staring into my eyes for a good 30 seconds, I thought I was going to melt.
-us, raising 90,000 dollars for Sanctuary for Kids

Pictures will come later, when I'm acutally home, we are going to the Calgary zoo later. I'm still emotional from this con! I have never experienced anything like this before. We were able to raise 90,000 dollars for Sanctuary for Kids. This is what fandom is about! coming together and making a difference. This is the way all cons should be. I loved the singing breaks, in the photo/auto room. Including, the fans, the actors and the staff. I only ever want to do Gabit events.
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