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Convention Report Two Agam Darshi & Ryan Robbins/Auction/Ryan Robbins Singing

The Agam Darshi/Ryan Robbins panel was ♥! They were so cute together! and both so tiny :) Ummm, again I don't remember alot, but I know they are constantly bugging each other. Agam is always hitting on Ryan at work! She hit him in the Sternum for a stunt and said by accident that she hit him in the scrotum, LOL. She talked a little bit about working on Dan for Mayor and I think that's still continuing?

Everyone came around with a collection plate/pail for Ryan to sing (it of course went to charity). He was just amazing! He has a really gorgeous voice, he sung a lot of Damien Rice. One of the songs (hallelujah I think he sings to his daughter at night ♥)

The auction was absolutely hilarious and amazing!
Some highlights were Martin Wood naked under the blanket, Ryan Robbins taking his shirt off, Chris Heyerdahl licking Tesla's knife that was for auction and then a nubbin I think. Also, Julia from Gabit used to write fan fiction and she wrote a romance novel and Chris and Damien acting it out, LOL. It was so amazing though, everyone raised over 30,000 just at the auction.

I've been to a few conventions and this was by far my best experience. I really liked how they worked the autographs and photographs. Every ticket was numbered and some how I got really low numbers, and they would do both autographs and photos around 25 people at a time, so it was good if you had a low ticket number. It allowed people a lot of time with the people.

Also, my photo with Amanda was very memorable, They took about three pictures to make sure that the picture was good and Ryan Robbins came over and took a picture of me and Amanda!
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