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Convention Report Part Three

Okay, I've decided I need to finish this report before its TSE2!

Yep. This panel will be forever emblazoned into my brain and everyone who went will know why. Robin Dunne dropping his pants at a convention. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture. Someone asked the question  what was the most cringe worthy performances. For Agam, she didn't say what it was but she said she acted horrible in it although her cast mates gave her glowing reviews. For Robin it was Teenage Space Vampires. Enough Said :)

Okay can I just say Amanda and Chris are made of pure awesome! I've been forever a Helen/John shipper and fell in love with Chris at the Creation Con in April but this con made me realize what Amanda was talking about when they have to remind Amanda to not make googly eyes at Chris. When I was getting my autograph of Chris he just stared into my eyes for about 20 seconds and I thought I was just going to melt. 

There was also a panel where we weren't aloud to use our camera's for. We got to see the official season three trailer before anyone else. We also got to see the before and after for some of the green screne which was just amazing. There was a scene where there was three people walking outside and I thought it was shot outside, but not it was all special effects. Just amazing.

At the closing ceremonies the people at gabit did a video of some favorite memories of the weekend which was just awesome and the total amount was revealed. When it was said and done we raised over 90,000 dollars!

I just loved that at any given panel the other guests were sitting in the front row and listening to the q and a's.

Okay so after the convention one of us had a crazy idea to walk all around Vancouver which took us about 7 hours. :) some pics from that! Best convention I've been to yet. I hope I'm able to go to Vancouver again next year. They still haven't announced anyone for the Stargate con so I'm not sure if I will be going to that one. Hey maybe I will be moving to Vancouver next year, yeah right not unless I win the lottery :) On to the pics.

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