jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

New Layout @ fadedrealm!

Yay! I finally got a new layout and header @ my icon journal fadedrealm. The header is basically all the icons that I've made that I like.

Lists: Cause I procrastinate like woah!
  • Clean my house. It is so neglected, not even funny
  • Put up Christmas Tree
  • Put up Christmas Decorations
  • Wrap Presents(the ones that I've bought)
  • Create coding for voting @ my new and shiny 20in20 cause that was horrible, I never want to do that from scratch ever again. Eh, it didn't help it was past 11 when I started.
  • Oh and if you are interested we could always use more votes over @ abnormal20in20  while there you can stare at the shiny Sanctuary icons
  • Oh I'm amused when I was reading People that Ryan Reynolds favorite beer is Granville Island Lager, Vancouver FTW!
  • Oh and Create a post for my stargateland rec thingy person, so I can collect all the things in one post, mostly to save my sanity and my bookmark folder :)

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