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In which I talk about TMI stuff A.K.A it sucks being a girl


I needed to watch something, so I decided to go with Star Trek Voyager. Meh, I think I've re watched my DVD's to many times.

On the weekend I got all my christmas shopping done, yay for walmart. Not yay for the huge lines.

Work would be so much more pleasant if my boss wasn't such a douche. When of our maintenance guys got caught drinking in one of the houses he was working on (we rent out houses for the government) problem is he's like best friends with the boss so I don' t think anything will happen.  Stupid people. It seems the stupider you are the more you get and the semi intelligent people get stuck with all the work *rolls eyes*

I think I should be able to stay home tomorrow, gross I hate being a woman. I'm all achy and I when I get my periods I have to wear tampons and pads and change them like every couple of hours.  I just want to stay in bed with a heating pad :)

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