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Year in Review.

Post a sentence or two from the first post of each month. And it's your year in review.

Okay booked my flights for April (Stargate Convention) I got seat sales so I thought I should book before they are all sold out.

Number one song for August 31, 1982 - Abracadabra by Steve Millar Band (done for a pretty neat meme)

I've hardly had any time on LJ lately. Life has been crazy. Work has been better than I thought it would be and I've spent some time with my nephews a lot.

Also, hilarious story for you. I was watching Supernatural yesterday at my mom's house and she says hey isn't he gay? Ummm. no, he just got married. Jensen Ackles, yeah he just got married to a girl. Umm, mom I think you meant Ricky Martin. Oh yeah, they kind of look the same. Here is me LOL-ing so hard. (this still makes me LOL, yeah cause Jensen looks like Ricky Martin ;p)

Spent today at a beltane festival which is always fun! Mostly its just sun,fun, and friends gathering around. There was a lot of belly dancers (will have vids of that later) and I even had my chakras cleansed.

So I watched True Blood live.......I never watch shows live, this is how excited I was for the show. ( I was ridic excited about that season! it was kind of based on my fav book though)

Happy Canada Day! and here's a vid to celebrate. An oldy but a goody and yes that would be a molson commercial :D ( I am Canadian Commercial, so good! )


Pictures will come later, when I'm acutally home, we are going to the Calgary zoo later. I'm still emotional from this con! I have never experienced anything like this before. We were able to raise 90,000 dollars for Sanctuary for Kids. This is what fandom is about! coming together and making a difference. This is the way all cons should be. I loved the singing breaks, in the photo/auto room. Including, the fans, the actors and the staff. I only ever want to do Gabit events.

In other crappy parents news. It has come out that my mother was cheating on my dad. Ugh, my poor dad. At first my mom wouldn't talk to my dad when he got home and I"m the one who had to tell him that she moved out (which was obvious). I'm hoping he doesn't take this too horribly. 
(so started the horriblness)


If you follow me on twitter than you seen that I've been toying with creating a Sanctuary20in20 comm but I'm at a loss with what to call it. Either Abnormal20in20 or Sanct20in20.


So some good stuff before the ranty stuff. I'm doing a rewatch of Supernatural, which is total love! You know its a good show when every single episode just gets better and better (that's called awesome writing and I love Kripke for it). It doesn't hurt that I get to see awesome actors on my tv like Ryan Robbins and Agam Darshi ( who I never caught before).

okay so the next few weeks is crazy busy. My sister is coming up this weekend plus I have a crappy work thing I have to go to, next weekend my dad is coming up (its the first time I've seen him since my parents separated), and then my mom and nephews are coming up for Christmas. Oh and I'm supposed to go for coffee with a friend.  (my dad just went home today and I had a blast!)

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