jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

This month is already made of fail.

- sprained my knee when I fell spectacularly on the ice. I swear it is not supposed to be this warm in february. It was +8, that's like spring weather. 

- my mom hasn't talked to me in like a week. Ever since last weekend, whatever. Look at your life, look at your choices. She went from the sweetest guy ever to a loser-ish guy who hasn't worked in twenty years. They apparently moved up here because he could get a job and my sister phoned and asked why he's not working yet and my mom's response was that there retired. Yeah you are about 15 year aways from that.

Also my mom came into my work today for an interview for a house (we rent houses to people with low incomes) & she didn't even say hi to me and when she left she kind of slammed the door on me, didn't even say good bye. I didn't even say anything, I told her I wasn't going to pay her to take me to get groceries as I said I would take my nephew to the movies and its on the way. & then she wanted me to watch the kids overnight, as repayment for taking me to town. What The Frak. She hasn't phoned me since. Whatever.

- Ahhh, then there is work. or as I like to call it dealing with the douche bag. So basically me and a few girls work our ass off year round and we are all very excellent at our job, I mean I've been there the least amount of time (which is 6 years) & we always do good work. So of course the people who do nothing get the most amount of praise. whatever. My boss is never at work, ever. So apparently this is worth a 5,000 dollar bonus? and the girl who works fifty billion hours of overtime just to get some very basic stuff done, really it takes a whole day to write an email gets a 3,000 dollar bonus? for craps sake I have to show here how to send an attachment in the email. This other girl at work got a bonus too, but she works hard so I don't have a problem with that.

Its pretty rare that I even get a thank you or a good job. yeah, no bonus for me. Whatever, I wouldn't be so upset except the two people who do absolutely nothing get all the money? grrrrrr.

okay, enough of that. /rant.

good things

-I got my pin up for pink calendar. (amanda tapping as a pin up. that is all. )

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