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Vancouver Day One

:D not many pics behind the cut, I actually didn't take as many pictures this time around, it was just nice to kind of take in the sights of vangroovy.



If you are expecting stargate stuff you can skip this entry, no such luck.


So, my plane was at like 7 in the morning so I really didn’t want to miss my plane so I of course woke up like every hour and finally got up and ready at 4 or 4:30 which actually wasn’t that bad. I was sitting next to this guy on the shuttle who had been at work since January and hadn’t slept in 36 hours :/ and was flying home (which is across the country).


I arrived in Edmonton fine and the first thing I did was get some Starbucks and get some breakfast at the airport. Then I had my flight to Vancouver which was a little hard on the ears but not too bad. Although I requested a window seat and they gave me the only “window seat” with no window. Yes, that’s helpful.


I made myself over to the sky train and was even able to transfer at the right place for the connecting sky train. Now I think I zigged when I should have zagged because I got lost in the mall across from the hotel. I should have gone down the stairs instead I went through the mall and got lost and Becky, Danae and Taj had to rescue me.

We collected our friend Karen who lives in Vancouver and we went to the Canucks store and I picked up a few pens and a Canucks mug, I joked that my dad would not want anything because he’s an Oilers fan even if they do suck :p


We drove around North Vancouver and it was just lovely. Then we went to this amazing noodle place in downtown Vancouver. I had some noodles with some sort of garlic I think with Jasmine tea I think and it was just lovely.


We attempted to go to Karen’s to watch the hockey game but we were stopped by the car :D Danae had a rental vehicle that was some sort of weird keyless thing and it wouldn’t start so we had to call CAA and to restart it we had to hit start and the brake at the same time but it still wasn’t working and after all that waiting it turned out that it was actually the parking brake that was pushed not the brake and it was pretty funny :D

We went to Karen’s for the hockey game and I go to meet her dog who is soooooo energetic and her cat. It was awesome watching the game with friends in Vancouver and it was awesome when the Canucks won and you could hear the blow horns going out in the streets. We then proceeded to go back to the hotel and went to sleep really late, so I basically ended up staying up for like 23 hours



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