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01 July 2011 @ 11:01 pm
Gooooood Day.......  
+ had yummy supper with my sister as  it was her birthday yesterday.

+I got mentioned by two celebs on twitter ;p it makes me feel cool :p Rainbow Sun Franks and someone from Eureka

+ I had a Vodka Slime (kind of yummy). I love the name of drinks, like the "red headed slut" LOL

+ I'm totally addicted to Words with friends come on join people. Also addicted to this game called cut the rope.

+ Bought some cute vans for only like 20 bucks & they were called Firefly's :D

+Transformers.....sooooo goood.

-So many geeky references,  Nimoy was the voice of Sentinel Prime & there was the gratuitous star trek references in it. "the lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few" :D

-The special effects were really cool.

I have to watch it again tomorrow though. long story, I promised I was going to see the movie with my friend but my sister wanted to go to it today.....ugggh. It's at least a good movie to see twice.
everythingshiny on July 2nd, 2011 05:22 am (UTC)

glad you had a great day! :D
jennifer jensen: SPN: In the beginningjenniferjensen on July 2nd, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
I just had to buy them when I saw the name, they were pretty cute though. They are pink and black!

Thanks :) even though I end up spending way too much money when my sister comes up.
everythingshiny on July 2nd, 2011 06:30 am (UTC)
i am jealous!! :D

yeah i know the feeling
jennifer jensen: Sanctuary: Quotes that was even betterjenniferjensen on July 2nd, 2011 06:34 am (UTC)
did i mention they were half off? :p
everythingshiny on July 2nd, 2011 08:15 am (UTC)
Swedish for "Smith": SPN ImpalaDeanSamCascolls on July 2nd, 2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
I feel lame b/c I had to look up what vans were.
I'm so out of the loop. LOL!

jennifer jensenjenniferjensen on July 2nd, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC)

Lol! They are one of my favorite runners! That and addidas.