jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

I don't get it........

Okay, I shouldn't do taxes before I actually get my T4 back for the year, but I did them just for fun and it says I'm getting like 5800 back? huh, that seems way too high. I only got like 1000-2000 back last year? Am I missing something? Is the Canadian Government giving us a tax break?

I guess I'll see when I get the actual figures but that could solve a lot of issues, like that would definitely pay for my moving expenses and then some. Well even 1000-2000 like last year would help....

Okay, any whoo by the latest Friday/Saturday my house will be up for sale! I'm kind of nervous cause this girl who picks me up who always tattles to the boss is going to see the for sale sign in my window.... and my boss doesn't know I'm moving. Although they did give me a 6 month notice to move or whatever so as far as they know I could be moving to the town where my work is now.

Also, it will be interesting cause the girl who left, she was supposed to be going on sick leave but my boss never signed the papers so I think she went to a lawyers and is trying to sue him, yeaaaaaahhhhhh.
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