jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen


Since I'll be leaving for the Calgary Expo in a few days this will be my last post in a while. Its going to be crazy at work until I leave but then my mom is picking me up (its her bday too) and then I get to meet nytel on Thursday and her kitties! and then we head down to Calgary! Follow my twitter if you want updates and hopefully lots of pics!

I can't wait to meet John Noble, Jasika Nicole, James Marsters, Wil Wheaton, the whole cast of TNG and of course Amanda Tapping and Chris Heyerdahl ♥

Also can we talk about Fringe and how awesome the last episode was! It will be so upsetting if Fringe doesn't get picked up for another season.

ok, can I mention how awesome Top Gear is! I just got into that show and am watching on Netflix.
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