jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

Why am I up again?

I swear I should have been sleeping like hours ago. I must be excited for the move!

I'm completely done packing! Hurrah :D Other than taking apart my computer which I'm doing at the last minute since I don't have a tv :(

I just need to clean clean clean tomorrow.

Also, I shouldn't be on . Although I did happen to trace my Horn Family back until the 1700s in the states, The Chastain Family (which is part of the Horns) until the 1500s in France and The Borg Family back to Sweden (RESISTANCE IS FUTILE) :D :D I'm obviously hopped up on sugar.

I gots barely no where on the Jensen and Wende line. Its kind of fun though.

Oh and apparently I get Child Labor to help me move :P My nephews aren't going to like this visit.

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