jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

I gotta job I gotta job

As the subject says, I got a job :D Finally, I was getting worried a bit!

I now work for Terra Firma Equipment! They seemed really nice, a really small office. They basically created a position for me cause they really liked me! I start at $20/hour! Yay :D Which was cool, cause they were only going to start the position I applied for at $15/hour.

So I might be able to get a new computer after my first paycheck :D

Its a long bus ride, about an hour so thank goodness there's a Starbucks for me in the morning. I don't actually mind cause I have one transfer which is at West Edmonton Mall! So if I decide I want to go shopping after work or go to the movies I can before I head home :D

I'm celebrating by ordering some Boston Pizza! How much do I love that I can order anything up to my apartment!

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