jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

My feet are killing me......

I just got back from a stagette party last night and my feet are killing me.

I've walked through West Edmonton Mall for 12 hours, ouchhiee. Just so you know WEM is like 20 city blocks.

It was kind of a nice idea for a stagette party, the person had to guess which store we were going to next and each person gave the bride a 40 dollar gift certificate to the store, so she got to go shopping at all these stores and we got to go shopping too if we wanted.

I bought a nice pair of sandals/heels for 19.00 at pay less which was right next to Winners and I got to go in the aqua massage thingey which was beyond heaven.... I should do it more often. You lay down on this massage table and you can listen to music and this bag of water/massager does its magic for half an hour or however long you want. The only thing is I got ticklish when it got to the back of my knees. Here's the website:

After shopping we had appetizers and Martinis and went to the movies to see Magic Mike, lol. It was horrible but oh so many naked hot guys.

Then I went home on the bus at midnight, it was ok except there was this guy who was on some sort of drugs or was just crazy and was banging his hands together really hard every time someone got off the bus.

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