jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

Things and such.......

Well I haven't posted in a month! yikes!

I'm sorry If I haven't replied on anything! Too much un fun real life stuff, well that and just being really busy.

My sister has been staying with me for a few days, she's moving in to her own place next week. Thank Goodness I need to completely clean my place after she leaves. She does not clean up after herself.

I've been sort of looking for a job lately, I've been not liking my job lately and need more than reception stuff, I've been trying to look for a payables job again.

I've been debating on going to Calgary Expo but I might not have the funds to go..... They have some really awesome guests though.

I'm getting spring fever, I always do this time of the year. I want spring/summer to be here.

Oh and my dad is now married!!!!

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