jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

Sinus Infection go die now......

Ugggh, I have a dreaded sinus infection/cold/allergies. Go away now.... I had to miss easter dinner at grandma's cause of it.

In other news my mom moved again and isn't telling anyone where exactly she moved too. /rolls eyes. just cause me and my sis talks to my dad.

I had a couple of really good interviews, the job hunt is going a little slower than hoped though. I've been applying for lots of jobs though. Maybe If I don't get one by the end of next week I might go to a temp agency place.

I had a job interview this morning that would have been awesome! I hope I get it.

Full of awesome shows this weekend.

Game of Thrones: Loved it! glad its back :)

Orphan Black: Really loved it, very intriguing. A little confused as to who owns the show. Space was saying it was a space original show and I was watching the Nerdist and it was saying it was a BBC show. Still a little confused but It is a Canadian show and BBC America distributes it. Anywhoo, I really liked it.

Doctor Who: Loved it and love the new companion relationship with the doctor. A few things of note:

-The Great Intelligence: I think this is mentioned in old doctor who shows, not sure though. I haven't watched the old stuff.

- Unit: Loved that they were called in.

- How Clara Got the Doctor's Number: She was given the number by a girl in a shop, and that it was the best in the universe. I don't know wishful thinking that it was somehow Rose. I know she's been cast for the 50th special.

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